we have the pleasure to present our new designs of Lymphodema garments, made to measure, for lower parts of the body.

Inside these characteristics we have made changes for:

The back-seam to an inside-seam. This change gives the patient more comfort to behind the knee and foot, and also makes it easier to put on the garment as the patient can easily see if the inside seem is straight and avoide the stocking from twisting.

We have also taken into account the form of the stocking with the open toe, an oblique finish and with the heel more atomical for all measures. Open or closed toe which offers in both cases maximum comfort for the patient.

Complete Abdominal Compression. For patients who require Abdominal compression, we have renovated the design creating various different models, as to help control the abdominal swelling.
We also offer the possibility to open the area of the garment with side adjustable hooks to ease putting on the garment, or to loosen if necessary.
You can consult the models LC-510ND. LC-509S. LC-Bermuda. LC-510 Capri, or on our website, www mainat.com

New superior finishing options for our models of long stockings. Depending on the necessities of the patient, we carry two options of superior finishing in a straight or oblicuas fashion.

All our garments are of fabrics woven especially for our patients, and in each and every made to measure garment we print the patients initials into the fabric so as to be sure each piece is unique.